Romancing the Zone
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Come join your girls Anne, Bee, and Nell in our The Adventure Zone fancast!
It's a podcast about a podcast about boys playing tabletop games.

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    Episode 52 - Schrodinger's Grandma

    Anne went back to Chicago (and GenCon) so it's another Sisters Episode! We've got you covered- video game tips, cinematic visuals, newly established canon, where's Indrid? And see if you can catch all five of Brittnay's favorite moments.

    Hit the photo collage of Ned on the way out, let's do this for him!

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    Episode 51 - Strongly Worded Fanfiction

    While our heroes are recruiting new RPG party members around Kepler Brittnay retells old commercials, Anne pens a strongly worded letter, and Nell learns to love again. Go get your hidden cookies, we've got so much to talk about!

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    Episode 50 - Live-In Bigfoot

    This week we celebrate our 50th episode by doing the same thing we've done for the previous 49 shows! Let's dish about our new hero, discuss headcanons we forget we made up, and speculate about what could happen next! Grab your sexiest sketchbook, let's go!

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    Episode 49 - Lodge Interlude- Cheesecake Edition

    What a wild journey through Kepler, WV it's been so far! Your girls are here to recap the recap, pitch some new theories, and sing to you. Toss on your silky 80s bathrobe and get in the kitchen for some cheesecake, we've got a lot of reminiscing to do!

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    Episode 48 - Have Your Lipstick and Your Baseball Bat

    This week your sisters are back to hold down the fort and hold your hand while Anne takes care of bizness elsewhere (seeking vengeance? maybe! we're not saying no). Things are getting more and more intense in Kepler, West Virginia, and despite unavoidable devastation we're still doing what we do best: talking through it all and using humor as a coping mechanism. Hold tight, we're with you!

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    Episode 47 - The San Jose Live show

    The Tres Horny Boys are back at it again, just in time for a robot uprising! We discuss it all- alternate realities, giveaways for future live shows, fighting shadow Link, and just where did Merle pick up all these druid techniques? The portal's only open for so long, let's go!

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    Episode 46 - Unsettling Anime Monster Horror

    We keep losing track of our team mates in TAZ Amnesty and now Brittnay's up and vanished! Anne and Nell take the opportunity to bring you an episode of fact-based, hard-hitting journalism. Just kidding, we talk about things like the murder board, the plural term for Bigfoot, and organizing our list of priorities by which boys need protecting. Come join us and maybe don't immediately trust Bee when you see her!

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    Episode 45 - Barclay's Gonna Love This

    Fancy meeting you here! Tensions are mounting in TAZ Amnesty and your girls are doing what we do and just bring some fun amidst all this murder and mystery. Brittnay won't hear ill of Barclay, Nell's still trying to get a hold of Indrid, and Anne keeps playing like she isn't an all-knowing immortal being.

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    Episode 44 - That's So Duck

    Grab a donut from the treasure chest and bring out the murder board it's time to speculate wildly! Which team will find this abomination first? Who's lying about what? And where did Ned go?

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    MaxFunDrive 2019 & Romancing the Zone Zone

    It may be time to hang up our MaxFunDrive accouterments till next year but that just means now it's time to talk all about all the great Adventure Zone gifts we were given! In this episode we're serving: The The Adventure Zone Zone; TAZ Elementary: Four Sherlock Holmes and a Vampire: Joco Cruise Edition; and TAZ Fur: Honey Heist!

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