Romancing the Zone
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Come join your girls Anne, Bee, and Nell in our The Adventure Zone fancast!
It's a podcast about a podcast about boys playing tabletop games.

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    Episode 41 - Duck Newton: Fighting with a Sword

    Oh, My! Things are popping off in Kepler and we're here to cover all of it! Who's crushing on whom? Who's deceiving whom? Bee is concerned about Barclay, Nell is concerned about Beacon, and Anne is here to help you find your nearest Rax roast-beefery. We've made a fancy pitcher of Crystal Light, have a seat!

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    Episode 40 - Morgue Field Trip

    I hope everyone got Mama or Papa to sign their permission slips for our morgue outing! On the ride over let's chat about horny accessories, hornet accessories, and TAZ Amnesty's descent into the horror genre. Okay, buddy up and let's go!

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    Episode 39 - Time to Head on Back to Chicago

    Oh snap! There’s a new big bad in Kepler, and it’s hungry for Hornets! Your girls are here to help make sense of the madness as Brittnay swoons over non-binary badass Hollis, Anne peeks through all the spatial rifts, and guest-host Emily falls into an old video game spiral. And… wait, where’s Nell?? Join us as we all ‘head on back to Chicago’ to kick off this spooky arc~

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    Episode 38 - Lodge Interlude- Unwitting Sugar Daddy

    Happy 2019! New year, new wheels, old boyfriends, same girls! Our heroes in TAZ Amnesty are leveling up and we've got a lot of discussing and speculating to do; some of which is legit, and a lot of it is just straight nonsense. Come join our hang session, we're all wearing pants!

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    Episode 37 - TAZ Candlenights Special 2018!

    Grab a glass of nog, set all your deadly traps, and jingle all the day with us as we get into the spirit of the season! Get swept up with us in Candlenights joys, tres horny boys, and killer bird toys. The holidays are ON.

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    Episode 36 - The Headcanon Episode

    We've got a super-sized episode for you this week full of that hot goss, new headcanons, more ships, and the wildest speculation. It's another thrilling conclusion to a Kepler menace so pour yourself a glass of breakfast wine and let's get into it!

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    Episode 35 - The Cask of Manchego

    We don't know what day it is but we have a ton of fun with this one and there's so much to talk about! Anne gets a new nickname, Brittnay can't remember any names, and this time Nell gets ejected from the show. Hop into the probably-stolen sno-cat and let's roll!

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    Episode 34 - TAZ Halloween Special!

    Have a seat, we'll serve you up a potion as we talk about the Adventure Zone Halloween Live Show! This week our tres horny boys are courted by A Dracula, Brittnay LOVES cereal, Nell gets lost in Castlevania, and Anne dunks so hard we almost go off air. Happy Halloween to all and to all a good night!

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    Episode 33 - Dream Zone

    This week we dish that goss on TWO episodes of TAZ Amnesty and we've got it all: romantic criminal meet-cutes, phone-based slumber party games, goat impressions, we go to court for a moment, and hey we've even got some actual theorizing and speculation! Thanks for saving our seats!

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    Super Quick Check-In!

    Hey everyone! Just a quick "hey we're fine" text from your girls! Talk soon!

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