Romancing the Zone
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Come join your girls Anne, Bee, and Nell in our The Adventure Zone fancast!
It's a podcast about a podcast about boys playing tabletop games.

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    Episode 53 - IDK My BFF Bigfoot

    This week new tabletop games are invented, ships set sail, Nell insists on old Nintendo references, Brittnay is composing novel-length fanfics, and Anne needs to tell you about some Mystic Knights. Say your farewells and take a last look at Kepler, we're off to Sylvain!

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    Episode 52 - Schrodinger's Grandma

    Anne went back to Chicago (and GenCon) so it's another Sisters Episode! We've got you covered- video game tips, cinematic visuals, newly established canon, where's Indrid? And see if you can catch all five of Brittnay's favorite moments.

    Hit the photo collage of Ned on the way out, let's do this for him!

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    Episode 51 - Strongly Worded Fanfiction

    While our heroes are recruiting new RPG party members around Kepler Brittnay retells old commercials, Anne pens a strongly worded letter, and Nell learns to love again. Go get your hidden cookies, we've got so much to talk about!

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    Episode 50 - Live-In Bigfoot

    This week we celebrate our 50th episode by doing the same thing we've done for the previous 49 shows! Let's dish about our new hero, discuss headcanons we forget we made up, and speculate about what could happen next! Grab your sexiest sketchbook, let's go!

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    Episode 49 - Lodge Interlude- Cheesecake Edition

    What a wild journey through Kepler, WV it's been so far! Your girls are here to recap the recap, pitch some new theories, and sing to you. Toss on your silky 80s bathrobe and get in the kitchen for some cheesecake, we've got a lot of reminiscing to do!

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    Episode 48 - Have Your Lipstick and Your Baseball Bat

    This week your sisters are back to hold down the fort and hold your hand while Anne takes care of bizness elsewhere (seeking vengeance? maybe! we're not saying no). Things are getting more and more intense in Kepler, West Virginia, and despite unavoidable devastation we're still doing what we do best: talking through it all and using humor as a coping mechanism. Hold tight, we're with you!

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    Episode 47 - The San Jose Live show

    The Tres Horny Boys are back at it again, just in time for a robot uprising! We discuss it all- alternate realities, giveaways for future live shows, fighting shadow Link, and just where did Merle pick up all these druid techniques? The portal's only open for so long, let's go!

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    Episode 46 - Unsettling Anime Monster Horror

    We keep losing track of our team mates in TAZ Amnesty and now Brittnay's up and vanished! Anne and Nell take the opportunity to bring you an episode of fact-based, hard-hitting journalism. Just kidding, we talk about things like the murder board, the plural term for Bigfoot, and organizing our list of priorities by which boys need protecting. Come join us and maybe don't immediately trust Bee when you see her!

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    Episode 45 - Barclay's Gonna Love This

    Fancy meeting you here! Tensions are mounting in TAZ Amnesty and your girls are doing what we do and just bring some fun amidst all this murder and mystery. Brittnay won't hear ill of Barclay, Nell's still trying to get a hold of Indrid, and Anne keeps playing like she isn't an all-knowing immortal being.

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    Episode 44 - That's So Duck

    Grab a donut from the treasure chest and bring out the murder board it's time to speculate wildly! Which team will find this abomination first? Who's lying about what? And where did Ned go?

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    MaxFunDrive 2019 & Romancing the Zone Zone

    It may be time to hang up our MaxFunDrive accouterments till next year but that just means now it's time to talk all about all the great Adventure Zone gifts we were given! In this episode we're serving: The The Adventure Zone Zone; TAZ Elementary: Four Sherlock Holmes and a Vampire: Joco Cruise Edition; and TAZ Fur: Honey Heist!

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    Episode 43 - The Mice Get Perms

    This week Anne went back to Chicago but don't worry! Your sisters Bee and Nell are here to chat all about the latest, creepiest episode of TAZ Amnesty! Duck is going to get Barclay into some trouble, Aubrey needs a Big Cereal, and Ned loses his scarf. Grab a drink and get ready to get spooked!

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    Episode 42 - The New Orleans Live Show

    Our first true loves the Tres Horny Boys take us on another adventure to stop another apocalypse. Nell's striving for greatness with her robot godfathers, Bee's buying the new Tiffany Pocket Rocker, and Anne's here to mix up some Cherry Smash and hose down anyone who gets too rowdy. Crack open a can of Radicola and see if there's a baby in your king cake, it's time to PARTY!

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    Episode 41 - Duck Newton: Fighting with a Sword

    Oh, My! Things are popping off in Kepler and we're here to cover all of it! Who's crushing on whom? Who's deceiving whom? Bee is concerned about Barclay, Nell is concerned about Beacon, and Anne is here to help you find your nearest Rax roast-beefery. We've made a fancy pitcher of Crystal Light, have a seat!

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    Episode 40 - Morgue Field Trip

    I hope everyone got Mama or Papa to sign their permission slips for our morgue outing! On the ride over let's chat about horny accessories, hornet accessories, and TAZ Amnesty's descent into the horror genre. Okay, buddy up and let's go!

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    Episode 39 - Time to Head on Back to Chicago

    Oh snap! There’s a new big bad in Kepler, and it’s hungry for Hornets! Your girls are here to help make sense of the madness as Brittnay swoons over non-binary badass Hollis, Anne peeks through all the spatial rifts, and guest-host Emily falls into an old video game spiral. And… wait, where’s Nell?? Join us as we all ‘head on back to Chicago’ to kick off this spooky arc~

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    Episode 38 - Lodge Interlude- Unwitting Sugar Daddy

    Happy 2019! New year, new wheels, old boyfriends, same girls! Our heroes in TAZ Amnesty are leveling up and we've got a lot of discussing and speculating to do; some of which is legit, and a lot of it is just straight nonsense. Come join our hang session, we're all wearing pants!

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    Episode 37 - TAZ Candlenights Special 2018!

    Grab a glass of nog, set all your deadly traps, and jingle all the day with us as we get into the spirit of the season! Get swept up with us in Candlenights joys, tres horny boys, and killer bird toys. The holidays are ON.

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    Episode 36 - The Headcanon Episode

    We've got a super-sized episode for you this week full of that hot goss, new headcanons, more ships, and the wildest speculation. It's another thrilling conclusion to a Kepler menace so pour yourself a glass of breakfast wine and let's get into it!

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    Episode 35 - The Cask of Manchego

    We don't know what day it is but we have a ton of fun with this one and there's so much to talk about! Anne gets a new nickname, Brittnay can't remember any names, and this time Nell gets ejected from the show. Hop into the probably-stolen sno-cat and let's roll!

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    Episode 34 - TAZ Halloween Special!

    Have a seat, we'll serve you up a potion as we talk about the Adventure Zone Halloween Live Show! This week our tres horny boys are courted by A Dracula, Brittnay LOVES cereal, Nell gets lost in Castlevania, and Anne dunks so hard we almost go off air. Happy Halloween to all and to all a good night!

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    Episode 33 - Dream Zone

    This week we dish that goss on TWO episodes of TAZ Amnesty and we've got it all: romantic criminal meet-cutes, phone-based slumber party games, goat impressions, we go to court for a moment, and hey we've even got some actual theorizing and speculation! Thanks for saving our seats!

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    Super Quick Check-In!

    Hey everyone! Just a quick "hey we're fine" text from your girls! Talk soon!

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    Episode 32 - Eye to Eye at the Atlanta Live Show

    We're doing some interplanar travel this week as our number one horny boys return! This time Anne's puzzle game is on point, Brittnay has a new fav character, and Nell's probably just playing Nintendo. Crack a Cheerwine dolls, this is a hot one!

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    Episode 31 - Just Another Day in Kepler

    Did you guys see the Pineguard's new maybe-hot maybe-ally? Let's get into it- this week Brittnay internet-stalks Indrid, Anne serves up a number of gems, and who knows if Nell is even aware she's recording a show. Buckle in for this one, gang!

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    Episode 30 - Lousy with Babies

    Alright gang, coffees and cocoas all around while we post up in this waiting room. This week our heroes are put through the ringer and while of course we wander off-topic here and there you KNOW we're good for some classic TAZ discussion and wild speculation!

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    Episode 29 - Gravity Peaks and Twin Falls

    A new adventure awaits in Kepler, West Virginia! This week Brittnay learns she hasn't been eating like an old-timey orphan, Nell forgets that Gravity Falls and Twin Peaks are two different places, and Anne remains the closest to crawling out of this gutter where we live. Hang on, we're in for a dangerous ride!

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    Episode 28 - Kraken's Margaritaville

    The wind is in our favor this week as your girls talk all about our favorite Tres Horny Boys At Sea! We cover it all- giant women, cat names, more merch talk, pirate dog ships- Brittnay shares cephalopod facts, Anne changes the name of our podcast, and Nell's just having a great time. Take to the seas with us, let's go!

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    Episode 27 - Lodge Interlude - Hot Date on a Snowy Mountain

    Get your hot toddies, your mulled cider, get your cocoa with or without baileys, and get in on this convo! We finally get to do some relaxing with our heroes and for an episode where Duck and Ned go on a date we sure do place a lot of focus on Lodge Darling Jake Cool Ice and his Ice Pack. Also hey maybe we'll see you in San Diego this week!

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    Episode 26 - NED Talks

    We could have sworn Brittnay was in the Lincoln Continental when we left- but don't worry, Emily is here and the Duck Newton Appreciation Nation is reporting in to talk all about the finale to the great Kepler Water Hazard. We discuss new insights and questions, design new merch, and theorize about things like what band Travis will namedrop next and why Ned is arguably the best character. Barclay's got mai tais waiting at the swim-up bar, let's go!

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    Episode 25 - Wall-to-Wall Hotties

    This week we're full of great ideas from merch to more spinoff shows to major movie deals- PLUS a ton of great TAZ discussion. Grab your dirty mags and pokemon cards and let's hit the water park!

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    Episode 24 - Duck Newton vs. The World

    We're back to Kepler with TAZ Amnesty 09! Brittnay could use some visual aids, Nell's got your hot summer fashion tips, Anne has the inside scoop on Nerf and old movies because of course she does, and we GOTTA talk about that tantalizing cliffhanger!

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    Episode 23 - The Dallas Live Show

    We're striving and driving and hugging the turns and thinking of someone for whom we still burn- the Tres Horny Boys! Join us in reliving the thrill of another bout of Battle Wagon Racing from the Dallas Live Show of TAZ!

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    Episode 22 - CoolIce and Stern

    This week on Romancing the (Z)One we spin off with CoolIce and Stern, we spin off with a whole new podcast, and we share our reactions to the reveal at the end of TAZ Amnesty 08. Get in on this!

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    Episode 21 - Monster of the Afternoon

    We're here! Thanks for saving us seats! We've got so much to talk about- The Abyss, Fite Nite at Disney World, a Sonic Rain 'Phoon- and let's be real: we spend a lot of time talking about Bad Boy Duck in this one. You know what you signed up for.

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    Episode 20 - Spiritual Fitbit

    Welcome back to Kepler and the official second season of The Adventure Zone! This week we've got so much for you- 80s montages, 40s monster movies, Dale Cooper- anything you want, we got it. Brittnay continues to hound Griffin re: the bobcat, Nell knows how to kill this monster, and hear about Anne's latest crime. Join us, won't you?

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    MaxFunDrive 2018 - Four Sherlock Holmes and a Pony

    Group up, gumshoes, we're all Sherlocks now! In this episode we discuss on TAZ: Elementary and are joined by special guest Andrew J. Young, creator of the game Four Sherlock Holmes and a Vampire (who is also one of the aforementioned Sherlock Holmes)! Find out which Sherlocks we'd be, which one of us is a Sherlock expert, and most importantly- how this gift of a bonus episode came to be!

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    Episode 19 - Romancing the Zone Zone

    We've checked in with our boys, now check in with your girls for our first The The Adventure Zone Zone jam sesh! This week we talk about all manner of things including our fav characters, coining terms like "TAZiversary" and "Forsaken Thursdays", and we contemplate a particular Deals Warlock. Grab a seat!

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    The Announcement Zone - 1

    Come react out loud with us to the reveal of The Adventure Zone Season 2! PLUS Nell's back and has a game for everyone, Brittnay's got some spainin' to do, and Anne wants to see you in Chicago this weekend!

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    Episode 18 - Hello from the Dust-y Tavern

    It’s time to tip your hat and bid a fond farewell to TAZ: Dust, but before you mosey on out of town, join your girls Brittnay, Anne, and special guest Emily for one more round of root beer as we talk about heroic exploits, spectral cashew handling, and Brittnay’s continued distrust towards Ann(e).

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    Episode 17 - A Supportive Haunting

    Romantic haunted mirror messages, wild accusations about who we think is dating and who we think is murdering, and who is she? Hold on friends, this ride isn't even close to being over!

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    Episode 16 - Isabella Slate: Put it in a Cage

    Coming to you live from the Dry River Graveyard it's Romancing the Zone! This week is running on best friend power- we're all about goofs, discussions, and theories about the second episode of TAZ: Dust. Nell rallies for cage dancing, Brittnay is never allowed in the south, and Anne is deffo a murderer. So sidle up to the bonfire, we hope you brought your flask for this one! (if not, we'll share)

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    Episode 15 - Fanciest Werewolf in Town

    It's the first episode of TAZ: Dust and the clock has started! Roll up to the Full Moon Saloon and join your girls for a root beer while we chat about things like ghostly goofs, ancient puppetry, baby werewolves, oh and we totally know who the murderer is.

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    Episode 14 - Journey to the Fantasy West

    This week we go west with the setup to TAZ: Dust and you know your girls have got you covered. We're talking the origins of NutHead, haunted dolls, werewolves for president, and somewhere amidst all our goofing and giggling we discuss the actual facets of this new game. Go Bayside!

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    Episode 13 - Grandma, it's me, Anastasia

    Grab a seat and order a drink with your fellow Pine Guard members as we close out TAZ: Amnesty! Find out what scares Brittnay, why Anne knows about Hummel figurines, and what inheritance Nell has coming her way. And of course we bid a fond farewell (for now) to all our heroes in Kepler, West Virginia.

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    Episode 12 - Holdin' the Gate Since '88

    We're coming up on the end of The Adventure Zone: Amnesty! This week the 80s take their toll as we spin off with Jake Cool-Ice, reveal Mama's side business and former title, and all agree that Duck is Hot. Let's do this!

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    Episode 11 - Schlucked Up Meet Cute

    There's so much to discuss this week. Our hunter heroes finally meet! Plus we glimpse a magical world, meet a possibly handsome goat man, Brittnay invents a word, Anne is not charmed by monster bundles, and Nell scares herself. We have fun with this one, grab a snack and join us for TAZ Amnesty 03!

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    Episode 10 - Monster Tinder

    TAZ: Amnesty is paying off big time and your girls are livin for it- so much so that this episode is way longer than it should be! We just can't shut up apparently! Nell calls forth a fashion god, Brittnay finds love, and Anne's just thinking about Jumanji.

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    Episode 9 - Romancing the Zone Presents: RC Cola vs. Coca-Cola

    Things have been set into motion over in TAZ: Amnesty and we are on it! Come with us as we dish about our heroes, theorize about monsters, get into a cola fight, and talk way more about hats than you'd expect from a show about tabletop games.

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    Episode 8 - Eye to Eye at the Tacoma Live Show

    Happy Candlenights! Yes of course we can still celebrate- Candlenights lives in your heart, don't bug! On this special episode we get some insights from Anne, co-host and live correspondent for show, somehow ducks have become a holiday topic, and The Santa Clause is already dark but it could have been darker. Come a'wassailing with us!

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    Episode 7 - Road Tripping to Kepler

    Hop into the Alpina everyone, we're off to a new adventure in a new zone! Bundle up with your girls as we chat about Monster of the Week gameplay mechanics, the setting of TAZ Amnesty, and our surely soon to be beloved heroes. As always there's a little bit of education to be found here, and a whole lot of useless banter.

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    Episode 6 - Eye to Eye at the Nashville Live Show

    Our first loves the Tres Horny Boys are back with the Queen of Diamonds and we've been dying to talk to you about it! Our regular table is now a blackjack table and our regular cocktails are now overpriced casino cocktails, Powerline is performing at 9:30, and Magnus is lookin real good. Come along with us on this TAZ live show caper!

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    Episode 5 - Jason Schwartzman Presents: Romancing the Zone

    Come join your girls as we wrap up the amuse-bouche that is The Adventure Zone: Commitment. Is Internet Father in the illuminati? Is Irene the next Hokage? Will we ever see our heroes again? We're thinking that's a big "yes" to all three.

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    Episode 4 - Poor Dick's Almanac

    Finally there's a fight in The Adventure Zone: Commitment Yard and we saved you a ringside seat! We're talking giant women, unnecessary explosions, King Jason Schwartzman and hey! there are even some educational bits.

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    Episode 3 - A Field Trip to Praiseland

    Unicorns, dice, hot browns, super powers- your girls have you covered on all the hot goss for the third episode of TAZ's Commitment Arc.

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    Episode 2 - Gods and Best Friends

    This week we're talking episode 2 of The Adventure Zone Commitment Arc. We coin our show's tagline, Nell gets called out by her own sister, Anne will not do puppet voices, and Brittnay sings some Garth Brooks. But don't get TOO comfy seated at the table, you never know when we might have to compete against the other cliques in a Sudden Escape Room.

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    Episode 1 - Colon Commitment

    Set down your trapper keeper and have a seat with your girls. On this first episode of Romancing the Zone we talk about super heroes, how Rainbow Brite founded T.H.U.N.D.E.R., and even some useful things like some extra info on the Fate Core gameplay style.

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